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44 Best Places to Learn to Code for Free Online

The internet has continued to evolve at a fast pace and coding as well as web development has taken center stage. Not a few people have taken an interest in coding and this could be attributed to the high demand for it in the market place. Some folks are already paying premium fees so they could learn all the basics and even more in the world of coding, but you don’t need to break the bank before you could get yourself acquainted with the skills. This article will provide the online resources that would help you to learn coding—absolutely free-of-charge!

The beauty of it is that these online resources will enable you to learn all the basics about coding, thus providing you with a window of opportunity to decipher the specific areas that would be most suitable or profitable for you to venture into, headlong. Considering that there are quite a lot of free coding resources available online, with varying degrees of efficiency, you should leverage this article as a reliable guide that would conveniently lead you toward achieving mastery over coding.

Alright, now let’s start from the very beginning, as I present to you, a list of the best sites you should start with. Do note that this list was created after we conducted a research on the best platforms coding rookies should go for.  

Please note: every information, time sensitive data or topics etc. were last updated in November, 2020 and therefore could be modified in the future as latest trends emerge within the industry.

Enough with procrastination, start coding now!

  • General Coding Websites and Course Platforms
  • Learn WordPress for Free
  • Learn to Code Python Free Online
  • Learn to Code HTML and CSS for Free
  • Learn to Code JavaScript for Free
  • Learn Mobile App Development for Free
  • Learn UI / UX Design for Free
  • Learn Data Science / Analysis for Free
  • Learn Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning for Free
  • Learn Cybersecurity for Free
  • Learn Git and Github for Free

General Coding Websites and Course Platforms

  • Codecademy

First on the list is Codecamy. Just as the name implies, this site is an academy for greenhorns aspiring to achieve mastery over coding. This platform has a positive reputation that precedes them. One of the many advantages Codecademy has over others is that it offers interactive learning which makes it easy for people to monitor their progress while learning programming.  

  • FreeCodeCamp

This coding school makes use of a curriculum that’s 800 hours long. Its strong point is the practical experience it offers learners by allowing them to handle projects for nonprofits, thus helping them to enhance their resume while still learning.  

  • Udemy

This site is not totally free as they equally offer paid classes. Here, individuals are at liberty to create their own courses. It is advisable to read reviews to ascertain you’re with the best hands. You can have a look at some of their courses here.

  • has a bias for females and minorities aimed at increasing their rates of participation in computer science courses. Although their coding courses are designed for kindergarten pupils, learners of all ages can equally find it useful and you will have the opportunity to build some projects in certain courses.  

  • W3Schools

Reputed as the largest web developing platform in the world, this site offers free lessons on every web program you can think of. Also, it enables you to gauge your competence level through online exercises and tests on coding.

  • Coderbyte

This site prides itself as a do-it-yourself coding platform where you can learn trending programming languages, from the basics! You can hone your coding skills by working on over 300 coding tasks.

  • CodeGym

With over 1200 coding tasks available at your disposal, you can take up as many lessons as you can handle. CodeGym is best known for its online java courses and its coding lessons are mostly practical in nature.

  • The Odin Project   

At Odin, you have the opportunity to learn coding in a more diversified way. Students can rely on its large community for support and update on new trends.   

Are you ready for it now? Here is the URL to make it easy for you their contents are relatively often updated

  • Codewars

Just as the name implies, Codewars is a place where you’re given coding challenges to tackle. You can go to the next after you overcome each challenge just like when playing a game but in this case, you will be learning coding by solving tasks. At Codewars, there are many programming languages to learn including Java, Python, JavaScript and several others.

  • Code Conquest

Code Conquest is a rookie’s delight. It will take you from the preliminary aspect of coding and teach you all there is to know about programming until you perfect your skills. This site encourages learners to focus on a particular programming language at a time before branching out, through a coding guide.  You can learn Python, PHP, CSS, C++ and JavaScript among others here.

  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseWare

MIT created this online platform so that individuals can have access to their students’ courses and study materials at no cost.

  • Code School

Here, they offer both free and paid programming courses among others. It is left for you to select the one you have interest in.

  • The Code Player

This platform provides videos that capture every step taken by others in their coding tasks from start to finish. This approach helps beginners to understand how tasks can be carried out successfully and the steps to take.

  • SkillCrush’s Free Coding Camp

This site breaks every detail down in such a way it would be easily understood by beginners and thus enables any individual to consider writing their own codes from the word go.

  • Web Fundamentals

This is a platform created by Google to offer free online coding tutorials to the public. It is an open source site people can leverage to develop their programming skills.

  • Bento

This site gathers exceptional free coding tutorials from all over the internet and makes them available in a well-structured format for coding students.

Learn WordPress for Free

  • WPBeginner

Individuals who are interested about learning WordPress for free would find this site amazing. WPBeginner provides video lessons and equally allows people to blog on their platform.

  • Joy of WP

Here, you can leverage up to 50 tutorial videos that would teach you how to build WordPress websites from the scratch.

Learn to Code Python Free Online


This is a virtual interactive session where you can be taught Python programming. It offers a practical experience whereby you practice while still learning.

  • A Byte of Python

This is a free online book that teaches people Python Programming. Although, the hard copy version isn’t free.

  • Google Python Class

This software giant needs no introduction but you may not be aware they’re also teaching people how to become experts in Python Programming—totally free!

Gain mastery on how to Code HTML and CSS without Spending Money

  • HTML5 Dog

Do you want to learn HTML and CSS coding the easy and hassle-free way? Try HTML5 Dog!


This site is quite similar to HTML5 Dog in the sense that both can be a beginner’s delight. You will be able to learn coding in a simplified way and it’s all free of charge.

  • Learn-HTML.Org

Unlike the two sites above, this platform offers more interactive sessions for people that want to learn HTML coding.

Free Classes for Aspiring Code Javascript Professionals

  • Learn JS

Do you want a more practical experience while learning JavaScript programming for free? Then Learn JS is your sure bet. At Learn JS, there is a pop-out window where you can practice what you learn.

  • Eloquent JavaScript

 This is a comprehensive online book that teaches JavaScript coding. However, one striking thing about Eloquent JavaScript is how extensive it is.


At, beginners can learn the basics on JavaScript Programming by making use of their simplified online tutorial but it is not ideal for advanced coding.

  • Watch & Code

There are lots of tutorial videos that were created specifically to help individuals learn the ropes on JavaScript. Greenhorns’ can easily grasp how to code by just watching these videos and also partake in tutorial sessions that are held every week for its members.

Learn How to Create Mobile Apps for Free

  • Android Developers

Want to start building apps? Then get in here! You will find a guide for android developers, and also make use of a navigation panel with instructions that will take you from novice status to a guru in the world of app development.

  • Google Developers Training

One impressive thing about this site is the fact that both beginners and experienced developers would find it highly beneficial. There is a suitable category for everyone as well as online courses, tutorials and materials. When you’re satisfied with the progress you’ve made, you can participate in Google Developers Certification exam to boost your rating.

  • Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift)

This is a great resource center for those that want to specialize in developing apps for iPhone and iPad. It equips you with the right tools and takes you from the starting point to mastery level with relative ease.

Learn How to Design UI/UX for Free

  • The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction

It offers free textbooks that cover diverse areas such as websites, smartphones, software, household objects and several others. It will avail you the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced people in UI/UX designing at no cost.

  • UXPin

Take advantage of vast collection of UX e-books that will guide you in usability testing, mobile/web prototyping, mock-ups and many more for free.

  • UX Beginner

Join a free weekly training and equip yourself with the skills you need to thrive in UI/UX designing. In addition, you will have access to free courses and books that will aid your progress.

Gain Mastery of Data Science / Analysis For Free

  • Dataquest

Dataquest should be your first consideration if you want to become a data scientist. You will be able to develop projects and work on challenges within the field of data science. It is also designed for data analyzing and data engineering.

  • Springboard

Springboard will teach you how to analyze data through free online tutorials and tasks that are based on a curriculum.

  • EliteDataScience

This platform provides an opportunity for busy people to learn datascience in a convenient way. Its abridged courses, tutorials other resources will guide you along the way.

  • Ben Collins’ 30-Day Challenge

This is an advanced formula developed by Ben Collins to help you in gaining mastery of spreadsheet skills during a 30-day challenge. It is not ideal for beginners.

Here’s the website with unlimited free access to Git, Python etc. as well as lots of coding tutorials, projects and classes to get you going until you become perfect.

Learn Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning for Free

  • Machine Learning Mastery

You can become a machine learning expert by taking advantage of this platform. The tutorials and courses will bring you up to speed with the necessary skills you need and it’s all free.

  • Google AI

 Nothing beats learning form the masters and that’s the experience you will on this platform. Both beginners and intermediate ML practitioners will find it beneficial learning from their free tutorials and guides.

Learn Cybersecurity Absolutely Free

  • Cybrary

Do you have interest in Cybersecurity? If yes, then get in here now! They cover all the vital areas to ensure you become well-grounded and it’s totally free.

  • O’Reilly Security Ebooks

This is the home of free ebooks on different aspects of cybersecurity. They were written by professionals and well informed insiders on cybersecurity.

Learn Git and Github for Free

  • Git Immersion

Want to know all about Git and Github, or even create your own tasks without spending a cent? This is the place to be!

  • Try Git

Just like Git Immersion above, Try Git is custom made for those who are interested in mastering Git. However, it is more interactive in nature. Want to start right now? Check the website below!